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You just can’t not love us

Dear fettucine followers,

It’s been far too long, I know, I know… But if you want to keep getting updates on your favorite noodle chefs, they have to get money from somewhere first. Mine is running out, and here in Belgium, the first quarter of the year is generally ‘grant application season’, so I’ve been writing what could add up to a book on project outlines, research summaries and cost simulations.

We’ve been really busy over the last couple of months though, trying out new features in Gephi and all, so you’ll here from us soon, promised!

In the meantime, one of our very first arty-farty spaghetti monsters has been chosen to adorn the brand-new KU Leuven research homepage! Someone at the KU Leuven Marketing Office has finally seen the light, hallelujah!


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