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Well smack my ass and call me Judy*

*I was going to send this around in a ‘thank you’ mail, but our Trismegistos overlord forbade me to mutilate my gluteus maximus and pose under a false, albeit a very decent Christian, name before the whole papyrological community. In Roman Egypt, acting under a false identity was punished by confiscation of one-fourth of your property, and I’m just not ready to give up my three iPods, two iPads, Macbook, Macbook Pro, Macbook Air and iPhone (even though the screen is shattered).

It is Monday, and if you’ve been monitoring us closely, you’ll have noticed that normally we don’t post on Mondays. That’s because Mondays are meant for moping. Especially Monday mornings. And I define ‘morning’ as anything before 2PM. Usually on Monday mornings you will not find me in the most cheerful of moods, especially not if my alarm clock jolts me out of my sleep while dreaming of freshly baked pancakes smothered with maple syrup, fresh blueberries and lamb chops (don’t ask, it’s Lent…). But while doing a routine wake-up email check (oh just admit it, you do it to), I noticed that the results of the DH Awards 2014 had already come in. And guess who won in the category ‘Best DH blog post or series of blog posts’? That’s right: yours truly. If only all Mondays could start like this.

So here’s a big ‘thank you’ for helping us out on this one: THANK YOU!

A lot of people wrote back that they didn’t understand a word of what we were saying, but that at least the pictures look great, and they were worth the vote. So we’ll keep on posting discombobulating spaghetti monsters, and hopefully one day you’ll get what it’s all about.

Yanne & Silke 

And neither are the DH Awards now.

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