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We need your vote!

Dear spaghetti monster aficionados, 

We have some wonderfully stringy news! 
Your favorite bedtime stories have been nominated for the annual Digital Humanities Awards in the category ‘Best DH blog post or series of posts’! So what we need now are votes.

Now is YOUR chance, dear readers, to shine! 
Simply go to the voting page, scroll to the bottom and click on the link to the Google document, and select ‘Six degrees of Spaghetti Monsters’ in the last category. It will literally only take up a couple of seconds of your time (you don’t need to vote for the other categories)!
Also, feel free to pester friends, family, colleagues, your next-door neighbour’s dog, … into casting their vote as well.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise you high hats, monocles and rainbow-colored unicorns. There are fairy godmothers for those kind of things. But we can promise you eternal gratitude!

Yours truly,
Your DataNinjas

PS: Bet you’re glad you don’t have to vote for these guys anymore, huh?

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