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Spanking new Historical Data Ninjas website

Dear Fellow Network Enthusiasts and Historians,

as you may have noticed, we are finally starting to use some of our newly acquired digital skills to improve this little blog baby of ours. We are sad to say goodbye to our spaghetti-os domain. We will never forget what it did and we would like for us all to hold a moment of silence, please, for the one who never really got the chance. They show up to the party, but they’re never asked to dance. The losers, the liars, the bastards… 

Ahum… But not to worry! Apart from adding some bling and the new domain name (historicaldataninjas for those who hadn’t noticed yet! – yes you! ..cheeky inattentive little buggers), our content will stay absolutely the same: Harry Potter networks, stupid memes, random – and often rude – comments, academic gossip, even occasional historical info(!) and SNA help, research and suggestions will still be the supreme masters of this blog.

We are still very much working on the new design, so we want to apologise in advance for any technical failures. If you come across any problem, please do contact us via the comment section below or via Twitter (@DataNinjasKUL) and we’ll try to get it fixed asap.



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