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Spaghetti Monsters al Dente

Cowabunga! Your beloved Dataninjas strike again!

A couple of weeks back, we were invited to give people a hands on experience of how to make their own squirmy, noodly contraptions in Gephi at the ‘Papyri and Social Networks’ conference in Leiden.

We definitely won over a soul or two for our cause, and for those who were still struggling to see the light, we promised to provide our presentations so they could let it sink in a little more. And so today we would like to share the joys and sorrows that come with network building in Gephi with the rest of the world.

You can download the files here:

general introduction
gathering and structuring data
Gephi tutorial 1

Gephi tutorial 2

No doubt many of you, in a fit of insanity, have accidentally deleted the sample files we provided to work with during the workshop. Since ninjas are badass, but not bad, we’ve decided to let this one pass with a slight contemptuous smirk, and add them here as well: so here’s the nodelist and the edgelist (right click to download these, otherwise they’ll just open up in a separate window).

Now knock yourself out!

Yanne & Silke

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