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Presenting: Trismegistos Editors and Trismegistos Networks

Ladies and gentleman! Oy!

While the Veneto region is crippled by a heat wave, in which your dearest data ninjas will be glowing radiantly next week for a workshop on prosopographies of Roman Egypt, in Leuven the Trismegistos team has been working its ass off to get two new TM sections up and running: TM editors and TM networks. Now crack that bottle, because they’re finally here!

TM editors provides an overview of all papyrological and epigraphic publications by “modern” scholars. I say “modern”, since many have already been chewed up, digested and spat out during invertibrate munchfests over the past century. We distinguish between three types of publications: editions of ancient texts, publications relating to these (mainly Greek) texts listed in the Bibliographie Papyrologique, and publications relating to these (mainly Demotic) texts listed in the Demotische Literaturübersicht. So you can now look up a name of a famous papyrologist, lets say ‘Broux’, and you get a very depressing overview of the very little work I’ve done so far that is relevant for these categories.

To make these boring lists a little more interesting, I created networks of co-editors and co-authors. What am I thinking? A little?! They’re the only things worth looking at! These are top-end spaghetti monsters, you won’t get them more slimy and succulent elsewhere! So on my individual editor page you get three networks: the first one visualizes who I edited texts with (no-one, which is actually NOT TRUE since I’ve published two funerary stelae together with our Leuven samurai Willy Clarysse, but computer says nooo), and the other two show who I’ve published with, which is again not up-to-date since that article on those gravestones should be included in the BP network as well. I think it’s cursed. I’m not worried about not showing up in the DemLü network since Demotists are really weird and this would kill my DigHum street cred. The measly bit I have of it at least… 

Now, since I’ve been doing a little bit more with TM data than putting up networks of whether or not decomposing scholars, and our Almighty Trismegistos Overlord has been willing to acknowledge that networks are the future (his omniscience is pretty useful sometimes), he granted me the rights to develop a whole new section in Trismegistos dedicated entirely to networks: TM networks. There you can find an overview of all the tasty networks I’ve concocted for Trismegistos, with links to the online interactive versions.

I can sense that you can’t wait to start exploring, so I won’t hold you up any longer. On your marks, get set, GO!

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