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Onomastic network in Trismegistos People

Dear tootsie rolls,

A while back I posted how the Oxford Internet Institute made this world a better place thanks to their sigma.js export plugin for Gephi. When I demonstrated this little gem to our Trismegistos Overlord, he was dead psyched. I tell you, that man can smell an opportunity aeons away. 
    So these past couple of weeks, he’s been edging me on to make networks of just about everything in Trismegistos. Compliant, obliging and submissive as I am, I’ve been doing practically nothing else ever since.

The first database I conquered is the Names database. With 17,182 nodes and 69,860 edges, this is definitely the largest network I’ve set up so far. And now it’s all yours to play around with! It’s got a nice Egyptian component, and a Greek component, and some ambiguous names, like Anoubas, in the middle.
   But our terrifyingly transcendental Trismegistos overlord had bigger plans still. Last week, he finally let me in on the deal: not only would we post the network online with the help of the plug-in, we would also display the ego network of each individual name. 
    So now, when you look up a name, like Achilleus (for those of you heathens who haven’t looked up names in Trismegistos yet, see fig. 1 & 2), you not only get an overview of all the variants, the number of attestations, the chronological and geographical spread, but also a visualization of all the other names Achilleus is connected to. Like for the Hermopolitan network, I linked the names on the basis of genealogical relationships: if a person with the name A chose name B for his/her child, there’s a directed link from name A to name B. More info here, where you can also watch a short movie speeding up the layout modeling of this network.
Fig. 1: Fill in the name you want to look up in the top left quick search field
Fig. 2: Bam! Presto! There it is!

To celebrate this spaghettilicious shift in Trismegistos’ history, I hosted a little festive matinal reception with chocolate milk and pop tarts (the blueberry frosted kind). Unfortunately I was a little late sending out invitations, so I didn’t (anyway, don’t need anyone to see my crumpled up sleepy face and spiky hairdo), so it was attended only by myself and an earwig that happened to be crossing the full 8 feet length of the kitchen while I was waiting by the toaster. He (or she, how do you tell?) didn’t make it though. A frying pan accidentally dropped from the sky when the little bugger was almost halfway.

Anywho, there’s more coming up soon, so keep your eyes open! Except when you’re sleeping, that’s just plain creepy. And please don’t snore. People’s sleep, and therefore general well-being and overall state of happiness depend on your ability to keep your uvula in check. There’s no shame in seeking help. There are people trained for this. Just like there are people trained to sex chickens. Nobody ever wonders about them. So underappreciated. Just imagine: without chicken sexers, eggs would probably be a top-shelf delicacy together with caviar and cat-poo coffee. Which makes me realize: why does expensive food all seem to be produced by faunal derrieres?!


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