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More events!

Here are some more events we thought you might be interested in.

You might even spot us at some!
May 9-11: Networks and Interactions conference at Leiden University. Silke will enlighten the world with a paper on Demotic contracts from Ptolemaic Thebes. She created this cool multi-layered network incorporating the scribes, the contracting parties and the witnesses, linking those in the same documents, as well as recording family ties. The main focus is on the witnesses: how were they chosen? Were they connected to the notarial and scribal offices, or can they be linked to one or both parties as family and/or acquaintances perhaps? Or were they chosen randomly, passers-by simply picked from the streets when needed?
May 12: a conference on mixed-method approaches to social network analysis at Hendon Campus (Middlesex University) in Londen, where qualitative research is applied to social networks besides the traditional quantitative approach
July 11: Silke will present her Theban witness paper to a London audience this time, as part of the Digital Classicist London & Institute of Classical Studies summer seminars. More info, abstract and other speakers here!

August 1: During yet another seminar in the Digital Classicist summer edition, Sebastian Rahtz and Gabriel Bodard will present the SNAP:DRGN project (of which our very own Trismegistos is a privileged partner!) 

June 23-28 (2015!): Sunbelt XXXV – next mega SNA conference bij the INSNA will take place in Brighton (UK) next year, save the date!

To make things easier, I created a calendar dedicated entirely to spaghetti-monster-related events, which we’ll keep up-to-date so you can browse it if you want to spend some project or grant money.

Leave a comment, send a message, tweet, PM me on Facebook, whatever floats your online interaction boat, if you want us to add a new event!

And  finally, I owe you guys a BIG apology ’cause I forgot to mention this year’s Connected Past conference that took place last Saturday in Paris (to make up for this: there’s another conference + workshop in London September 7-9). It was a great session, with lots of interesting papers, not only of networks in the ancient world (did you know that Columbus traded extra fat geese in the Caribbean? Not normal ones, not even fatty ones, but EXTRA fat. There you have it: the American predisposition to obesity in its embryonic form. Blame Columbus next time you’re offended, not McDonalds). Liked the part where Eivind of the NeRoNe project showed us some Soviet military topographic maps to trace Roman caravan routes, got that 007 feeling again (hmm, perhaps I should check out that post with all those Daniel Craig pics during my lunch break again…). Final conclusion of the day: we are the heroes of shit data. Fantastic punch line. Have a feeling we’re gonna use that one often 🙂

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