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If you insist… more tutorials on R

This post is for all you nutcases out there who are considering working with R.

Don’t be tempted by the Dark Side! They do NOT have cookies, however much they advertise the opposite. Only cookie monster has cookies, and he is obviously a UCINET guy. Because he’s blue, you see. And the UCINET website has lots of blue. Pure logic.

Still sticking to R? Meh, well, it’s your life, waste away. Luckily, I got some tutorials to get you going. Just to be clear: these aren’t SNA-geared tutorials, just for R in general, but since you need a basic knowledge of how it works, this will definitely help.
The first one is just the way we like it: simple and fun. It revolves around cats. Yes, cats. The internet is all about cats these days, and now they’re taking over R as well. Ok, gotta admit, R scores some serious points with this one. Get your catisfaction here.
The second tutorial is a little more advanced, and explains how to write your own packages from scratch. If your going to be reusing functions often, this might come in handy. No cats involved in this one though, too bad 🙁
Finally, some reminders:
– the CfP deadline for the Historical Network Research conference in Ghent in September is approaching (May 10). Make sure to sign up for our meet-and-greet! Check out one of our previous posts for more info.
– I don’t think I’ve mentioned this one before, but there’s a great SNA 1-week workshop at the LINKS Center at the University of Kentucky each year. The next edition will take place June 2-6 (registration closes May 15). Perfect opportunity to get rid of all that excess grant money we always tend to end up with (costs $1,500, transportation, accommodation and food NOT included…). Still, you’re taught by the grand masters themselves, Borgatti, Everett and the like. And those guys use UCINET. And I read somewhere that you get to go bowling with them. Fo real.

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