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Historical Network Projects: 7 excellent sites to get you started

Hey y’all!

While we’re working on some new stuff, check out these other great sites about historical network projects (more links can be found under the menu item ‘Links’. Duh):

Networks in the Roman Near East

“The research project Mechanisms of cross-cultural interaction: Networks in the Roman Near East (2013-2016) investigates the resilient everyday ties, such as trade, religion and power, connecting people within and across fluctuating imperial borders in the Near East in the Roman Period. The project is funded under the Research Council of Norway’s SAMKUL initiative, and hosted by the Department of archaeology, history, cultural studies and religion, University of Bergen, Norway.”
Project manager / blog editor:
Elvind Heldaas Seland


Historical Network Research

“This <historical network research> website is a platform for scholars to present their work, enable collaboration and provide those new to network analysis with some helpful first information.”
Be sure to check out the Bibliography section! They also organize a yearly conference in September, in 2014 this will take place in Gent. We’ll keep you posted, obviously.


The Connected Past

“The Connected Past is a community led by a multi-disciplinary international steering committee. It aims to provide discussion platforms for the development of original and critical applications of network and complexity approaches to archaeology and history. To this purpose The Connected Past organises international conferences, focused seminars and practical didactic workshops.”
Next one up is in Paris in a couple of months (April 26).


Archaeological Networks

Tom Brughmans’ blog on network theory in archaeological field. A great help to keep you posted on call-for-papers for conferences that accept papers concerning archaeological and historical data. For this, see also:


The Networks Network

An open access Google group. Anyone can view the posts and apply to join.
“The Networks Network is a community forum dedicated to discussing the use of Network Analysis and Sociophysics in understanding past human activity.”


The International Network for Social Network Analysis

INSNA is the professional association for researchers interested in social network analysis. The association is a non-profit organization incorporated in the state of Delaware and founded by Barry Wellman in 1977.”
They organize the fun-tastic yearly Sunbelt conference. This year’s edition took place just last week in St. Pete Beach, Florida, where we were represented by … me. Lots of sun, a white sandy beach, palm trees, free booze, … Great setting to get into the SNA spirit! Next year this jolly gathering will take place in Brighton (UK) from July 23-28.

sunbelt sna 2014 conference historical network projects
Sunbelt 2014


And then of course, last but not least, Trismegistos, the database of all databases, the center of our universe.
“Trismegistos [TM], called after the famous epithet of Hermes – Thoth, the Egyptian god of wisdom and writing who also played a major role in Greek religion and philosophy, is a platform aiming to surmount barriers of language and discipline in the study of texts from the ancient world, particularly late period Egypt and the Nile valley (roughly BC 800 – 800 AD).” (my italics)
If that line don’t get us the Nobel Peace Prize, I don’t know what will.

Later alligators!


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