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CfP: Historical Network Research Conference 2014

Okay! Hold on te yer hats! We gonna do some serious advertising here!

This year, the second Historical Network Research Conference will be held in Gent (September 15-19). Yup, that’s right, in our own brave little Belgium!

What’s more: we are going te be there! Uh huh, slap on some sunscreen (better make that LOADS) and get ready to bask in our magnificent glow.

Can’t get any better than that, you say? Well you better hold on to yer pants then, ’cause it actually does! Alright, here it comes. Or wait, maybe you should sit down for this one. Ok, got a pillow next to you in case you faint? Great! Because this is your one (who knows, perhaps not only) chance to get up close and personal with the DataNinjas during one of the pre-conference workshops we’re assisting!

It obviously deals with the most important step in network analysis: preparing your data. Because, if you get that wrong, well, you’re screwed basically. Places are limited, so sign up as soon as possible, we’re expecting a major stampede here. Oh, and can you perhaps sign up for one of the other workshops as well? You know, so we don’t, like, embarrass the organizers? I mean, it’s not all about us after all. We’ll be doing an autograph and photo session of course, but come on guys, you gotta give the others a chance. There’s plenty of time to hang out with us during the breaks!
Paper and poster sessions are scheduled for Thursday and Friday, and Wednesday and Thursday evenings are reserved for the reception and the conference dinner (and the DataNinjas jut happen to be at their best with food in their bellies and drinks in their hands).

Details can be found on the conference website.

*OMG so excited I don’t think I’m gonna be able to sleep*

Shout out in a comment if you’re attending!
(first three get a free drink in September!)

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