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The Journal of Historical Network Research

To start this post properly, please picture the opening scene of The Lion King in your head. Not just the video; the audio as well, please. Actually, the audio in itself is enough. It starts with an enthralling ‘AAAAAAAA!’, making your tummy feel all funny and getting you to bounce on the edge of the couch in hyper-drive over-eager anticipation because the movie’s starting!! Ok, now pause your inner iPod at that nanosecond right before the song starts. We realize it’s been ages since we’ve posted anything even remotely interesting or useful. I could start making excuses, but frankly, my dear, do you give a damn? No, of course not. You just wanted educationally entertaining literature, and we failed to deliver. So I’m going to make up for that with a fantastic opening. Hence the Lion King soundtrack. This post is also about the birth of something legendary, so the theme is actually quite appropriate. Ok, ready? Hit play! WE FINALLY HAVE OUR OWN JOURNAL!!! Before you start leaving congratulatory comments, let me be clear: by ‘we’, I don’t mean Silke and I. I use this pronoun in a majestically plural sense to denote the entire community of historians who have devoted their precious lives to the dangerous en generally unsurpassed attempts to spread the spaghettilicious word among our peers, overlords, frenemies and loved ones. Those days filled with agony deciding which journal to submit to are finally over. We are masters of our own fate now. To celebrate Earth’s 5010th anniversary*, the Journal…

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More great news! We have been scouted by our alma mater’s very own blog: KU Leuven blogt! Our ‘SNA for Dummies post’ is frontpage news there! Or is it just too vain to write a post about a repost of an original post…? Meh, whatever. Final post on SNA software is coming soon, véry soon!

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Study hard, for the well is deep, and our brains are shallow… (1)

This post is for all you SNA novices (geek translation: inceptors) and should help you to see the forest for the trees. We’ll present you here with our favourite SNA introduction books/articles/courses – sadly, not on cupcakes, chocolate fountains or Harry Potter, although we are in possession of those as well (yes, we have Harry Potter. And we’re not giving him back) – but on the essentials of social network analysis. This is what we started with, and hopefully it will get you going as well. Don’t worry if you don’t understand all of it right from the start, nobody does! 😉 We’ll start easy on you: Linked: How Everything Is Connected to Everything Else and What It Means for Business, Science, and Everyday Life by Albert-László Barabási. A mainstream introduction to SNA and its manifold applications. Nice evening lecture actually… no really! Read it if you don’t believe us! You doubting Thomas, you! Analyzing Social Networks by Stephen Borgatti, Martin Everett and Jeffrey Johnson. This is a clear handbook on the principles of SNA without all of the mathematical formulas or other abracadabra that we proclaim to understand. Though some of you might recognize Borgatti as Ucinet’s creator, this is not exactly a software manual, although tips an’ tricks are included! Social Networks and Health: Models, Methods, and Applications by Thomas Valente. Another really good introduction to SNA, without the nerve-wracking formulas. Don’t be put off by the title: the health component appears only as an example to the theory.…

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