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Shake those tail feathers (2)

Now that the group stage is over, it’s time for an update of our World Cup network! Nodes and labels are sized according to their outdegree (yay Belgium!). Draws generate no ties, so that’s why the number of edges in each cluster differs. The top left group is the only one with no draws. Edge weight is again based on the difference in goals (let’s ignore Belgium here…). Now that the round of 16 has started, connected components should start to emerge soon, resulting in a giant one in the end. We’ll keep you posted!

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Shake those tail feathers

As some of you may perhaps by off-chance have subtly noticed, there’s a soccer craze going on out there. Everyone knows ninjas are awesome soccer players (they’re awesome at everything actually, that’s why they get to become ninjas), yet we somehow seem to lack this particular ninja gene… But we can hoot and yell like any strappy 40-something ManU fan with an eye-catching extending waistline peaking out from under his jersey and spilling over his Primark training pants, pint in one hand, and, well, pint in the other! Got off to a bad start, missing some of the more spectacular matches due to some time-zone related issues (those poor Japanese: everything’s scheduled at truly ungodly hours there), but having to sit through the whole mind-boggingly boring Iran-Nigeria, well I would like to say encounter, but it wasn’t even that, but now we’re back on track, and, since spaghetti monsters are turning out to be the sole reason of our existence, the enlightenment to our inner Buddha’s as it were, we thought it would be neat to construct one in the next couple of weeks. It’s a pretty simple graph up till now of course, with only diads since no-one’s played more than once yet. It’s directed, with winners pointing to losers, and and the weight of the edges resembles the difference in goals. So Netherland-Spain has a weight of 4, while Iran-Nigeria has no edge, since it was a tie.  That’s all for today, folks! Belgium’s playing this evening, so it’s time…

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More great news! We have been scouted by our alma mater’s very own blog: KU Leuven blogt! Our ‘SNA for Dummies post’ is frontpage news there! Or is it just too vain to write a post about a repost of an original post…? Meh, whatever. Final post on SNA software is coming soon, véry soon!

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Feeling thirsty??

Since we’re from Belgium, and Belgium’s all about beer, we have to share this: a visual beer recommendation system! If you go to you can select the type of beer you prefer (light, medium or dark), and then you get this cool visualization of all the different beers you might like, based on taste and aroma and a bunch of other stuff.  

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Why do we even bother…?

All right folks! You found us! This means one of two things: either you’re friend/family/foe and you’re curious about what we’re up to (thanks for playing, better luck next time), or you’re seriously into SNA and you’re hoping to actually find some useful stuff here. We should pause here and warn you though: we are NOT SNA guru’s, despite us being worshipped by our department colleagues. We are, first and foremost, historians, lovers of all things antique (preferably Graeco-Roman in Egypt). And proud of it! About a year ago then, we started to explore the subtle science of social network analysis. We’ve come a long way since then, but we’re basically still rookies compared to the many die-hard sociologists, mathematicians, computer wizzes and all out there. RESPECT. So basically what we’re aiming at with this blog is to let the world know what your tax money is spent on. Actually it’s just a very narcissistic self-promotional format. Science communication and valorization are the new buzz words when it comes to fellowship and grant applications, so we doing just that here. But buried deep down we still have an altruistic streak, so we’d also like to help out other self-taught, or wannabe self-teaching SNA’ers and to provide a forum where we can exchange thoughts and “experiments” (sounds pretty sciency huh? ¯(°_⊙)/¯). We’re planning on posting some entries on the books and courses we’ve been using to get started, as well as on the software we’ve been playing with. And we’ll obviously keep…

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