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Spaghetti monster survey (2)

It is Sunday. It is gloomy. It is rainy. Daylight saving time kicked in last night, meaning my blissful beauty sleep was cut short by an hour. On top of that, I dreamed I was at the hairdresser, always a dreadful experience in my opinion, and she fucked up my hair.     There. Glad I could get that off my chest. What a therapeutic effect it has to rant and rave about magnificently insignificant tribulations to no-one and anyone reading this in particular. I feel like such a star. I should probably also post a photo of myself french-kissing a dog on Twitter Miley Cyrus-wise (and that ain’t even nasty in her book). With photoshopped abs, obviously. We don’t do au naturel. But enough about me. Another spaghetti monster interview came in last week! I would introduce him, but that would defeat the whole purpose of the interview. So here it goes: Name: Tom Brughmans Year of birth: 1985 Institution: Department of Computer and Information Science, University of Konstanz Hogwarts house: I don’t believe in the house-system, the college-system, or any other institutionalized forms of social segregation. What do SNA’ists got against Harry Potter?! I’m starting to think I should pick another field… Field: Archaeology Hobbies: I used to cook, play guitar, drink fancy green tea and hang out with other hippies, but then my PhD happened.You just posted a picture of a Carib beer bottle under palm trees on a white sand beach on some tropical island. Work-related. Shut up. Favorite book: 1984 How did you end up in…

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Spaghetti monster survey (1)

Today we are introducing a new noodly feature: the one and only spaghetti monster survey! The goal: invite SNA-minded historians (like Marten Düring) and archaeologists to fill out a short interview with SNA (and perhaps not so SNA-) related questions. This way, you, our dear readers, get an idea of what is going on in our little specialized community, and you’re not just stuck with posts in which we ramble on about Daniel Craig and vagina parades. Yo bitches gots to learn (I might be watching a little too much Orange is the New Black…). Marten Düring Our first volunteer is Marten Düring, who works at the Centre virtuel de la connaissance sur l’Europe in Luxemburg (land of cheap gas and tax deals), and is one of the brains behind the Historical Network Research platform. Give him a cheer, folks! Name: Marten Düring Year of birth: I quite like option b 🙂 [option b: I was not born, I literally split off from my creator’s brain. I am what you call ‘an alien’ sent from Laicos Krowten (the galaxy you label UDFy-38135539) to infiltrate the human race. SNA is simply a hobby. Due to our government’s overly-successful mitosis program, we are dealing with a food crisis at home, and I have come here to learn your ways of dealing with this problem. Although it has been a highly disappointing journey in that respect so far, I have come to appreciate your delicate cuisine. I am a great fan of bubblegum…

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