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Category: Gephi plugins

Sigma.js export plugin for Gephi

Dear tater tots, It is with utmost joy, enlightened rapture, and a bar of celebratory Belgian chocolate in my hand that I write this post today. For the past ten days, and the following eleven weeks I have banished myself to a quaint little Dutch canal town called Leiden to get a taste of ‘international mobility’ and ‘internationalization’, of which the academic world is so very fond. Now, I don’t mind peeking over hedges and borders once in a while, as long as the curtains remain drawn in crucial places. This way, I found out that my ivy was growing into my next-door neighbor’s bathroom, who had left for prison a couple of years before and forgot to close the window on his way out. Not knowing what he was charged for, I rather didn’t take any risks and removed all traces of this floral intrusion immediately. On another occasion, while coming home from work on a not so particularly hot and humid day, I happened to look into a living room a couple of doors away, to find its owner spread out on the couch in front of the window, with nothing wrapped around his chunky frame but a mucky pair of undies, a grimy tank top even Onslow would shy away from, one hand clasped around a XL can of beer, the other lazily scratching his balls, giving me a disgusting grin when he noticed my intrusive glance. Would it kill to get a pair of G-Stars for…

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