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A network framework of cultural history

Have we got another great network for you guys! We can only dream of creating such sophisticated maps and diagrams one day…



One of my super secret network informants tipped me off about this article in Science magazine: basically, what a group of researchers did was map out where a bunch of (historical) celebrities let out their first cry (blue) and where they snuffed it (red). This resulted in this amazing video:

It runs from 600 BC till, well, right about now actually, using the dates and locations of the births and deaths of some 120,000 individuals (but keep in mind that it’s biased towards the US and Europe). 
To quote Nature

‘Historians tend to focus in highly specialized areas, says Schich. “But our data allow them to see unexpected correlations between obscure events never considered historically important and shifts in migration.’

Yup, that’s what we’re here for, folks. You’re welcome. 

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