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Still looking for somewhere to unwind in 2015? Why not do a conference – city trip combo?
Transportation costs are on the house! If your project/grant covers them of course, otherwise don’t bother – just go on a proper vacation. And don’t start that ‘I don’t have time for vacation’ crap. Bullshit. Cut your Twitter and Tinder time in half and you’ve already got three weeks to spare.


Multi-sensory representations?! I don’t think I want to know what an average Egyptian DIY-mud-and-poo-brick house smelt like. Or taste the notorious Roman fish gut seasoning. But there’s more brainy stuff to explore here. Posh UK-based Ninja is part of a panel that will discuss error and subjectivity in our sources. Her presentation will focus on spaghetti monsters of course. She’s going to talk about the instinctivity (I’m making up words again, right?) of layouts and the problem of statictivity (maybe I should start my own dictionary) of networks and how to deal with time lapse. And there’s the Volvo museum. Now who’d wanna miss out on that?!
This year’s Woodstock for archaeologists who like to go digital is held in Siena. Surrounded by rolling Tuscan hills, ancient vineyards, quirky medieval towns and Renaissance masterpieces all just a few miles away… Need I say more?!
Don’t worry, never heard of this place either. Nothing to see there, but fortunately the workshops seem interesting enough to consider spending the whole three days indoors. Not only will there be sessions on SNA (Posh Ninja’s heading over there too!), but you can also learn how to work with Python – an essential programming tool for any serious Digital Humanist!
XXXV Sunbelt 2015in Brighton (June 23-28 2015)
Brighton (UK) has been bombarded to SNA Mekka 2015. This year’s sandy white beaches, palm trees and ++slide are hard to beat, but Brighton’s iconic pier, eccentric Royal Pavilion and Cliff beach are well worth a visit! Crossing the channel on your way? Dover, Canterbury and Hastings are just a few roundabouts away! Just remember to GO LEFT!
DH2015 in Sydney (June 29 – July 3 2015)
Got some excess grant money or a very rich and demented auntie? Why not sign up?! You can ogle at the Opera House during a Harbor luncheon cruise, flex your abs on Bondi Beach, or tour the Blue Mountains. Heck, while you’ve flown all this way out, why not pack up that tent, call shotgun in that rental car and explore the rest of New South Wales?
In the meantime, your beloved Data Ninjas are really really really busy, cuz we’ve got this Science Slam thingy coming up soon. We’ll keep you posted on how that turns out. And after that, new networks. Promised.






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